I regularly teach introductory courses in epistemology, philosophy of mind, and anthropology. At the advanced level, I like to co-teach seminars with colleagues.

Seminars taught since 2014:

  • The Nature of Judgement (fall term 2020/21)
  • The Varieties of Folk-psychology (fall term 2019/20)
  • Philosophy of Action (spring term 2019, University of California at Irvine)
  • Views of Action (with Josef Perner, 2018)
  • The Cognitive Foundations of Fiction (with Josef Perner, 2017)
  • Selbstbewusstsein in der gegenwärtigen Philosophie des Geistes (with Florian Wüstholz, 2016)
  • Concepts (with Josef Perner, 2016)
  • Context and Communication (with Ch. Gauker 2016)
  • Identity and Mental Files (with Josef Perner, 2015)
  • The Second Person Perspective (with J. Perner, 2014)