Current teaching (winter term 2017/18)

Knowledge, Thought, Language (lecture course)

Anthropology (lecture course)

Forthcoming teaching (spring term 2018)

The Cognitive Foundations of Fiction (seminar, together with Josef Perner)

Previous Teaching

I regularly teach introductory courses in epistemology and philosophy of mind.

At the advanced level, I often teach interdisciplinary seminars with colleagues:

  • The Second Person Perspective (with J. Perner, spring term 2015)
  • Mental Files (with J. Perner, winter term 2015/16)
  • Context and Communication (with Ch. Gauker (spring term 2016)
  • Contemporary Theories of Self-awarenes (with F. Wüstholz, winter term 2016/17)
  • Concepts (with J. Perner, winter term 2016/17)